REDWOOD CITY, CA. – JULY 6, 2016 —Leading strategy and technology research firm Harbor Research has recognized Cirrent for addressing the barrier to adoption of smart home products. Alex GlaserDirector of Development of Harbor Research, included a “Player Highlight” on Cirrent’s automatic and secure connectivity solution in his report, Smart Home Adoption: The Good; The Bad; and The Ugly.

“If a layman cannot setup, interact and troubleshoot these systems, widespread adoption will never occur,” writes Glaser. “Cirrent eliminates on-boarding barriers by helping companies that make Wi-Fi connected products…connect their products automatically without having to deal with provisioning and commissioning a device.”

Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent, said “We are honored to be highlighted by Harbor Research in their assessment of Smart Home Adoption. We believe the smart home should also be easy. Happy customers lead to fewer lost sales, lower support costs, and lower returns for product companies. Consumers want their products to simply connect right out of the box, while also being secure.”

Today, Cirrent is teaming with broadband providers in the U.S. and Western Europe who have created millions of home hotspots which provide a separate, secure Wi-Fi connection that is managed independently of the subscriber’s private network. Cirrent helps companies that make Wi-Fi connected products use these hotspots to connect their products automatically.

About Cirrent

Founded in 2014 and located in San Mateo, California, Cirrent’s mission is to make Internet‐connected products simple and secure for mainstream consumers, and to make it easy for product companies to add value by connecting their products to the Internet. For more information or to experience a demo, please visit

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