Leading consumer electronics brands will ZipKey-enable products for automatic Wi-Fi connections and a better out-of-box experience

LAS VEGAS – January 5, 2017 – Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Cirrent announced that D-Link will enable select products with ZipKey for instant Wi-Fi connections and a better out-of-box experience. Connected products that are enabled with ZipKey automatically connect to Wi-Fi by joining a ZipKey hotspot when they turn on. Through partnerships with large Internet service providers, such as Comcast, Cirrent has established a network of ZipKey hotspots that now cover more than 67 million homes.

Today, most “smart” or connected products require ten or more steps to initially connect to the Internet, and a recent study showed that one in five consumers can’t successfully connect their products (Accenture). The result is a poor out-of-box experience as well as expensive support calls, high rates of product returns, and slower consumer adoption. Cirrent solves this issue by ensuring that products are automatically authenticated and connected through ZipKey hotspots.

“Smart home and other consumer Internet of Things products promise to really enrich our lives,” said Rob Conant, Cirrent’s Chief Executive Officer. “To bring their benefits to as many people as possible, we need to make sure that connected products are extremely easy to use. With our ZipKey technology, we’re delighted to help leading product brands do just that.”

D-Link’s use of Cirrent’s ZipKey has prioritized customer experience as critical, while making it easy for everyday consumers to use their connected products. Manufacturers can make their connected products compatible with ZipKey by downloading a set of easy-to-implement cloud software and services available through Cirrent’s website.

“At D-Link, ease of use is a core part of our brand. Cirrent’s easy-to-implement technology and broad partnerships with Internet service providers bring a brand new solution to the market that dramatically improves the setup and out-of-box experience,” said Jack McGuigan, VP Sales at D-Link. “We are happy to be one of the first companies to introduce this new capability to our users.”  

About D-Link

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, D-Link is a global leader in connecting people, businesses and cities. We aim to connect more homes, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. D-Link implements and supports unified network solutions that integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, storage, IP Surveillance, and cloud-based network management. An award-winning designer, developer, and manufacturer, D-Link has grown from a group of seven friends since its founding in 1986 in Taiwan to more than 3,000 employees worldwide.

About Cirrent

Cirrent, a provider of automatic, secure Wi-Fi connections for consumer electronics, makes it easy for manufacturers to transform the out-of-box experience through ZipKey and the support of the broader Cirrent ecosystem. Through partnerships with large Internet service providers such as Comcast Cable, Cirrent has established a network of ZipKey hotspots that now cover more than 67 million homes. For more information, or to experience a demo, please visit www.cirrent.com.

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