Cypress’ WICED® platform now supports Cirrent’s ZipKey® to enhance product ease of use, security, and OTA upgrades

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan 3, 2018 – Cirrent announced today that the Cypress WICED Internet of
Things development platform now supports Cirrent technology. Companies making IoT products
using Cypress’ WICED platform can now ZipKey-enable the products so that they automatically
and securely connect via Wi-Fi to their cloud applications.

Cypress’ WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) is an all-inclusive
platform with a proven Software Development Kit (SDK) and turnkey connectivity solutions to
readily enable products to integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.

Cirrent and leading internet service providers have come together to improve Wi-Fi for
connected products, letting ZipKey products connect automatically and securely to consumers
home Wi-Fi networks in more than 120 million homes. Companies making connected products
use Cirrent’s Wi-Fi connection management solution to make products easier to use and more
secure, which improves customer reviews and increases sales, and reduces support and
returns costs.

Cypress determined that ZipKey products offer a great user experience for Wi-Fi- connected
products, and added Cirrent’s technology so WICED customers can readily ZipKey
enable their products to provide simplified onboarding and better network security for end
consumers. WICED customers will also be able to make over the air (OTA) upgrades and
updates to their products throughout the entire product’s lifecycle. More information on Cypress’
WICED platform, ecosystem and community is available at

Brian Bedrosian, Vice President of Marketing for the IoT Business Unit at Cypress stated,
“Cirrent’s ZipKey technology provides clear benefit to manufacturers of smart home products:
providing consumers with fast and easy set-up, secure cloud provisioning, and automatic
reconnection. We are pleased to integrate Cirrent’s technology into the Cypress WICED
platform. It shatters the ease of use barrier for set up and combines with Cypress’ robust,
reliable Wi-Fi solutions to bring consumers a great connected product experience.”

Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent, stated, “Many of our customers use Cypress’ WICED platform,
which helps them get high-quality products to market faster. We are delighted that Cypress
customers can now easily add ZipKey support to make their products even better.”

About Cirrent
Cirrent is a leading provider of software and cloud services for consumer Wi-Fi products,
enabling simpler installation, more secure connections, and enhanced service provisioning. Called upon by leading ISP’s, Cirrent serves as trusted intermediary for enhanced product registration and authentication for product manufacturers and ISPs alike.

Cirrent’s ZipKey offers a comprehensive solution to create more reliable and secure Wi-Fi
connectivity for connected home products.  For product manufacturers, ZipKey includes turnkey
capabilities for accelerating product time to market and reducing support calls and returns.  For
ISPs, ZipKey exposes consumers to the complete range of media streaming, home security,
home automation and other services available.  For consumers, ZipKey offers simpler
installation, more secure connections and enhanced service provisioning for their connected

Cirrent is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and is privately funded.
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Media Contact:
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